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Pregnant? WHAT NOW?
You are on a road, in the fast lane and moving forward toward a great life. 

OH WAIT - suddenly you feel there is a detour up ahead and you are not sure which way to go.  You can choose to make an appointment at TruCare Testing Clinic and you will find caring medical professionals ready to give you answers so your choices are well informed.  If you are pregnant, TruCare Testing Clinic will confirm the pregnancy, and perform a limited obstetrical ultrasound to give you information about the date of your pregnancy. You will find caring people to guide you down the road to the great life you envisioned.

STD STI Testing Clinic Abortion Pregnancy

Confirm pregnancy & Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

So you missed your period, you may have taken a home pregnancy test, and now you’re asking yourself, “Could I be pregnant?” Before you make any decisions about what you are going to do, call TruCare Testing Clinic to set up an appointment for a free confidential pregnancy blood test and limited obstetrical ultrasound.  

When you arrive, our medical staff will have you fill out confidential paperwork which will allow us to assess your needs. 

You will meet privately with medical staff who will facilitate a pregnancy test, then spend time discussing your options, and reviewing the outcome of the pregnancy test when we receive the results from the laboratory.

STD STI Testing Clinic Abortion Pregnancy


It is important to us at TruCare Testing Clinic that you have a safe place to talk through all of the issues and be informed of all your options. We don’t want any woman or couple making a choice without understanding all the options available to them. 

Based on the results of the tests and your decision, TruCare Testing Clinic will refer you to trusted community resources that will assist throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Additionally, our pregnancy center can provide emotional support for you throughout this journey. 

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