Do You Have an Abortion Plan?

Do you have an Abortion Plan?

If you are considering abortion options in Austin, we encourage you to gather as much information as possible. This includes a medical confirmation of a viable pregnancy and an accurate assessment of how far along you are. At TruCare, we can provide you these critical medical services at no cost.

No insurance necessary.

No proof of income necessary.

Our pre-abortion screening with medical verification of pregnancy is completely free and completely confidential. 

An unexpected pregnancy can bring feelings of confusion and stress. How to afford a pregnancy test and ultrasound shouldn’t be part of your stress.  We are here for you.

As you make your decision, first things first.

You are important.

Give yourself grace.

Give yourself a minute to think through your options.

Abortion is a big decision. Deciding on how to handle this unexpected pregnancy is not something to rush into. Not only is It ok, but it is important, to pause, assess your options, and get information about your unique situation.

Step 1: Medical Verification of The Pregnancy

Home tests are only so accurate. Find out for sure if you are pregnant with a medical confirmation of pregnancy. Schedule your free appointment at our clinic for a medical-grade pregnancy test. 

Step 2: Determining How Many Weeks You Are in Your Pregnancy & Viability

All of your next steps and decisions will be based on how many weeks you are.

Upon confirming the pregnancy, we can help determine how far along are you and if the pregnancy is viable.

Our clinic can provide you with a free ultrasound exam for the purpose of confirming the presence of a viable pregnancy and the gestational age (how many weeks) you are into the pregnancy. Then we can discuss the options available to you.

Step 3: Discuss Your Options  

While there is a lot of abortion information available online, coming in for a free confidential consultation ensures you are receiving the most personalized, accurate and up-to-date information available. You deserve this personalized information as you seek to make the best decision for your unplanned pregnancy.

You can talk with a nurse. Ask all of the questions you want. Be informed about all of your options. We are here to help you during and after your appointment to answer your questions and provide resources you may need to make the best decision.

Although we do not provide or refer for abortion pills or abortion procedures, our medical clinic exists to provide you loving medical information about your body, your pregnancy, and your options. Your free appointment will cover procedures available, costs, side effects, risks and provide a safe space to ask all of your questions.