If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 and get to the nearest hospital. Heavy or unexplained bleeding is considered a medical emergency, especially if you are pregnant and/or have taken the abortion pill.

Texas and Abortion

From Dallas, to Austin, Houston, and everyone in between, women seeking an abortion have been impacted with the recent Texas laws requiring heartbeat screening before abortion. The recent laws put into place in Texas were contested, but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court. As the days go by, we are seeing an increase in the reality Roe V. Wade is overturned, so Texas may not be the only state with limited abortion access.

If you’re reading this, maybe you, or a friend, are feeling the pressure to make a fast decision. Perhaps you have missed a menstrual period, and need to take a pregnancy test. It is important to note, if you take one too early, it is not a good indicator of pregnancy. Timing is important, and the best time is after you miss your period. At home tests can produce false negatives. They also cannot tell you gestational age (number of weeks). The only way to obtain this information is through a full medical verification of pregnancy.  Which can be kind of expensive if you don’t know where to look.  With the new Texas laws in place, you will be required to accurately know this information in order to legally proceed.

One thing is certain, the new laws create pressure on a woman’s timeline to make an abortion decision. 

The need for speed shouldn’t blind us to the real issue at hand. The most important issue is the value of a woman, her whole health and proper education about her unique situation as well as her options. 

Providing women proper medical care with respect and dignity is a right she shouldn’t have to give up in the rush to make a decision. Trucare can provide proper medical verification of pregnancy and see that you are well cared for in this process. You can obtain the personalized information you need.

Our clinic believes everyone should be afforded FREE proper medical standard of care for this potential pregnancy, planned or otherwise. We recommend for your best outcomes and results; you see a medical professional in person as you make your pregnancy plan.

What is a complete medical verification of pregnancy?

A complete medical verification of pregnancy includes a medical grade pregnancy test. Upon confirmation of the pregnancy, an ultrasound exam to estimate gestational age, also known as the number of weeks you are into your pregnancy. Only then can you fully confirm the pregnancy and accurately evaluate your options. 

What are my options?

The three primary options are; abortion, adoption (closed adoption, semi closed adoption, open adoption), and parenting. Within each of these, there are many additional options to choose from. In all of these options, there are also many resources available to you.

What does the abortion pill cost?

That is a great question. The financial costs for the abortion pill vary. In addition to financial costs of the abortion pill, self-care is an important consideration. There will be a cost to your mental health, emotional health, and physical health. All of these should be taken into equal consideration as you research your options. It is important to have a full support system around you that assists with your medical and emotional needs during this time. This should consist of having professional medical testing and consultation. The cost and timing for an abortion or for the abortion pill should be evaluated as a part of your final decision. We recommend you start by meeting in person with a Trucare medical professional for medical verification of pregnancy.

What are the average costs for an appointment at one of your clinics?

Our services are free. Women deserve access to professional and respectful medical care in a non-threatening, clean, medical environment. We are pro-woman. The clinics here are committed to your health and safety and wellbeing. Our services are completely free.

Where do you have clinics?

Our clinic is located in Austin, Texas. We do know of some similar pregnancy centers and clinics across Texas in cities such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Fort Bliss, Dallas, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Richardson, Rockwall, Euless, Irving, Mesquite, McKinney, Greenville, Denton, Fort Worth, Stephenville, Spring, Katy, League City, Conroe, Round Rock and continue to expand across Texas. Find a clinic today.

Can I have a late term abortion in Texas?

Late term abortions are illegal to perform in Texas. Late term abortion Texas laws may be subject to change, and you should contact a professional to discuss your personal situation, options, and weight the pros, cons, and costs associated with the options available to you. 


What if I change my mind after the 1st abortion pill?

If you have taken the 1st of the 2 abortion pills and you are regretting it, abortion pill reversal may be an option. Although it isn’t guaranteed. For the abortion pill reversal to be effective, time is of the essence. Abortion pill reversal has been accomplished 24 to 48 hours after ingestion of the first abortion pill. Some have even been successful after 72 hours. Find a clinic near you and they can provide you with health care options. Find abortion pill information, abortion cost, and abortion information near you. Contact a clinic near you to find out information and how you can reverse the effects. 

Abortion pill reversal can be accomplished by using progesterone treatment. This is not possible with a medical abortion.

Starting at Trucare for a medical verification of pregnancy is the first step in making this abortion, abortion pill, adoption or parenting decision.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call, text, or click on the schedule button.

Our clinic is here for you.  

We look forward to meeting you and walking with you during this unexpected pregnancy as you navigate what’s ahead. 

Schedule your appointment with a trained professional in our clean, beautiful, and respected clinic with medical professionals that understand you need quick answers and accurate information about your unexpected pregnancy. The type of abortion you may be considering, depends on having access to quality information, and speaking to a professional. Online searching will only get you so far.  Talking with a medical professional, you will be able to ask all of your questions related to the abortion pill and abortion.