Post Abortion Support

Immediately after an abortion decision, many women experience a variety of side-effects. These side-effects may arise days, months, or even years later.

After abortion experiences may include:

  • Recurring thoughts about the abortion
  • Depression
  • Feelings of regret, guilt, loss, anxiety
  • Crying occurrences
  • Sadness around the anniversary of the abortion

This is not a complete list of post abortion symptoms, and we recognize that not every woman who has an abortion will experience them. However, for those that do, TruCare is here to help.

If you are hurting from a past abortion, TruCare offers an abortion recovery class every fall and spring to help you begin your healing journey. We can be reached at 512-447-7800 if you are interested in taking the next step and want to participate in one of our classes or talk to one of our counselors. This class is completely confidential and is often led by those who have had previous abortions, have experienced the need for healing themselves and are available to help you too.